Switching operators when you have a bundled offer

Look up the duration of your current contract on your bill or on the contract documents.

If your contract has been valid for at least six months, you can cancel it for free as far as annulling the subscription is concerned; however, there can be some expenses if equipment has been made available to you for free or at a bargain price. Make inquiries.

Decide whether you:

  • want another bundled offer from another operator;
  • want separate services from one or various operators;
  • want part of the services to be provided by your current operator and other services from elsewhere.


Check the technical conditions of the new offer:

  • is new equipment necessary or new cabling?
  • is a technician's visit necessary?


Check the financial conditions of the new offer:

  • price of the equipment (purchase or rent?);
  • activation costs;
  • is the price of the connection included?;
  • existence and duration of a promotion;
  • duration of the contract;
  • possibility to obtain the social telephone tariff;
  • technical on-site assistance - for free or not;
  • technical assistance by telephone - for free or not.


Read the general terms and conditions of the operator you leave and those of the new operator.

Compare the bundled offers. Use the tariff comparison tool at www.besttariff.be.