B: Short-range equipment

This regards equipment with a low radiated power keeping the equipment's range restricted.

It is important to point out that this equipment operates in collective frequencies. This means that users cannot lodge a complaint if they suffer interferences nor may these users cause interference for other users.

Most of the frequency bands used are harmonised within the European Community.

Most of this equipment may be used without licence.

This category of radio equipment constitutes one of the most important growth sectors in modern radio communications. BIPT consequently pays special attention to this category of equipment. 

Active medical implants

Aids for hearing impaired

Alarms and social alarms

Indoor Digital Assistive Listening Device Systems

Multi Gigabit Wireless Systems (MGWS)

Radio determination

Railway applications


SRD/Inductive applications

SRD/Model Control

SRD/Non-specific applications

SRD/UWB/analysis building material

SRD/UWB/Generic usage

SRD/UWB/location tracking

SRD/UWB/location tracking

SRD/UWB/material sensing devices

SRD/UWB/road and rail vehicles

SRD/UWB/use onboard aircraft

Tracking, tracing and data acquisition

Transport and Traffic Telematics (TTT)



ULP-AMI and their associated peripherals


Wide band audio links

Wideband Data Transmission System

Wireless microphones/ in-ear monitoring/ intercom