The website set up by the European Commission on the R & TTE Directive can be found HERE.

Especially the section "Documents" (with its subsections) and under "FAQ" contain important information. The list of harmonized standards under the R & TTE Directive can be found HERE. Through the use of harmonized standards benefit your product presumption of conformity to the requirements covered by those standards. The list of notified bodies (notified bodies) under the R&TTE Directive can be found HERE.

The categorization of equipment can be consulted in the section "Equipment Classes" on this page. Class 1 equipment is equipment that can be placed on the market and be put into service without restrictions in the Community. For Class 2 equipment, there exist restrictions on the use and therefore the CE marking of these devices shall bear the alert sign. It is recommended to regularly check this classification.

The website of "R&TTE Compliance Association" can be found HERE. R&TTE CA is a forum associated with the R&TTE compliance procedures and notified bodies.

The website of the CEPT (European Conference of Postal and The Telecommunications Administrations) you HERE will contain important information related to the frekwentiegebruik.