With its “Network Security” Department, BIPT carries out a set of actions linked with security in the electronic communications sector.

Its main tasks are:

  • Supervising the security of the networks and electronic communications services the operators provide to their customers, taking into account the identified risks (including the continuity of network or service operation and data protection);
  • Supervising other legal obligations imposed on operators for security purposes (such as the transmission of messages at the request of the competent authorities to the population in the event of a crisis, public access to emergency services, the interception of communications for the judicial authorities and the intelligence and security services, etc.);
  • Providing its technical expertise to other authorities and to policy makers and participating in the successful realisation of their projects.

Within the framework of its own projects and its contribution to the projects of other authorities, BIPT’s Network Security Department works jointly with numerous authorities, such as the FPS Economy, Justice, Mobility and Transport, Internal Affairs (Crisis centre), Foreign Affairs, the
Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium, the intelligence and security services, the emergency services, the ASTRID company, certain police services, the prosecutor’s office, the College of General Prosecutors and the Data Protection Authority.

The Network Security Department also takes part in the activities of other international organisations, in particular of ENISA.